Certified Nursing Assistant
The Nursing Assistant course has two components: the theoretical portion which will be completed within a period of 50 hours conducted in the classroom and 100 hours of supervised clinical training in an accredited and State approved Long Term Care facility. The course uses the NATAP curriculum and is taught by licensed nurses approved by the Department of Health Services and Bureau for Private Post secondary and Vocational Education. Day classes takes 22 days and the evening classes takes 30 days. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be qualified to take the State Competency Examination for C.N.A. certification.

The instructors will deliver the course content through lectures, demonstrations and exposure of the students to actual nursing procedures and techniques while in the clinical setting. Knowledge validation is evaluated on an on-going basis through test and quizzes and 100% accuracy in skills performance as determined by the instructor.

The educational objective of the Nursing Assistant Training Course is to prepare the nurse assistant for state certification and consequently function as an efficient, knowledgeable and safe Certified Nursing Assistant. The course shall be enhanced with the comprehensive training program. All instructions will emphasize the importance of delivering service that will maintain and or promote the optimum level of functioning by the client and carrying out duties in a sensitive and efficient manner.

The course will be accomplished over a period of 4 weeks and is divided into 2 components:

Theory 50.0 Hours
Clinical 100.0 Hours

Course Requirements
  Must be at least 17 years old
  Must have a high school diploma, GED or pass ATB examination
  Must be able to read and understand English
  Must possess a valid California ID and Social Security Number
  Must pass a physical exam and TB screening performed by your physician or Nurse Practitioner
  Must pass the fingerprinting and criminal background screening
  A completed live scan
  A completed HS 283B application form
Fees & Charges
Milpitas Campus
Vallejo Campus
Registration (non-refundable) $    155.00
Tuition $ 1,176.00
Other Charges:  Book (Non-refundable) $      45.00
Livescan $      48.00
Uniform- 1 Set (non-refundable) $      29.00
STRF (Non-refundable) $      00.00
State Board Exam Fee* $   105.00
Total Charges $ 1,558.00
Fees are payable in Installments  
$ 155.00 Upon Registration  
Registration (non-refundable) $    155.00
Tuition $ 1,100.00
Other Charges:  Book (Non-refundable) $      45.00
Livescan $      48.00
STRF (Non-refundable) $       0 .00
Uniform (Non-refundable) $      29.00
State Board Exam Fee* $    105.00
Total Charges $ 1,482.00
Fees are payable in Installments  
$ 155.00 upon registration  
$ 455.00 the First Day of Class    $ 450.00  the First day of class
$ 105.00 the 10th day of class                                                                        $ 105.00 the 10th day of class
$ 422.00 the 15th day of class                                                                        $ 374.00 the 15th day of class                    
$ 421.00 the last day  of class (Money Order or Cash)                                 $ 398.00 the last day of class (Cash or Credit Card)
Students are responsible for other course-related materials (i.e. scrub uniforms, gait belt, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff)
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